Languages at Valley



 ‘Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures.’ - Languages programmes of study: Key stage 2 National curriculum in England


Since September 2018 we have started teaching German as our main Modern Foreign Language. Children are really enthusiastic and excited and seem enjoy the lessons. Parallel to German, as part of our language lessons, we aim to encourage children to share their own languages and cultures with the class.


Our main Scheme of Work is ‘Deutsch with Felix und Franzi’, which is based on resources produced by Goethe Institut with the purpose of being used in primary schools in UK.

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In addition to this we use Linguascope as part of our learning and assessment. offers interactive resources to match the curriculum requirements. The content ranges from elementary to intermediate level. Organised in topic areas, the materials are presented via a host of immersive multimedia activities. Children are encouraged to practise the new vocabulary learned in school at home.




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