Valley Core Values Awards

A big "well done" to all of our fantastic Valley Core Values Awards winners. Your good behaviour has consistently mirrored (at least) one of our Valley Core Values over the past term, and you have set a fantastic example to the rest of your peers.


In line with the school’s approach to promoting positive behaviour, all staff are asked to pay their first attention to the positive behaviours displayed by the pupils. Beyond the classroom-based reward systems such as Praise Cards and Marbles in the Jar, we have a number of whole-school reward practices.


Gold Stars


Every Friday, five pupils from each class visit the Head Teacher to receive a Gold Star in recognition of their hard work throughout the week or for modelling well one of our core values or behaviour expectations.


Gold Star Certificates


Once a pupil has received five Gold Stars, they receive a Gold Star Certificate which is presented to them in Monday’s whole-school assembly. So far, during this academic year, the following pupils have been awarded with their Gold Star Certificate – a big well done to them all.



Daisy R

Josephine A-H



Year 1

Oliver H-J

Joshua H-G

Aria T-O

Mila Mc

Year 2

Hugo B

Lara C

Zayden K

Piper R

Nina A

George P

Thea S

Chloe C

Myrah S

Charlotte W

Mauricio G-V

Year 3

Sofi A

Frankie M

Elye T

Finn B

Valerie T

Jack W

Caitlin D

Uma F

Heitor M

Jack S

Year 4

Juniper d-F

Edith K

Harrison S

Luke W

Lucas H-A

Olive R

Hanasa F

Aarav N

Kirills S

Nina M

Maxwell H-D

Iris W

Eris I

Omer O

Anoushka S

Benjamin C

Khadeeja K

Taro W

Emile K

Kelly R

Oskar S

Katia D

Zoe L

Donovan W

Year 5

Leena A

Thomas J

Ruby P

Edanur G

Aadhira K

Omar A

Max K

Isabella M

Harvey H-L

Lukas C

Delphie Mc

Urvi B

Guilherme T-P

Lennie H-R

Apollinariia M

Ashwin F

Alice G

Year 6

Terry C

Lillie H

Henry T

Roseanna S

Cody C

Zayn K

Bella T

Jaida U

Leyla E

Lucas Q

Abigail W

Giorgia G

Iris S

Finley P



Marvellous Monday


We set high expectations for behaviour at Valley and we expect all pupils to meet these core expectations on a daily basis. However, when we see a pupil going above and beyond in demonstrating one of the Core Values of Care, Learn Together, Aim High, Look After What We Have, Be Honest or in demonstrating kindness and consideration, readiness to learn or play together and keeping themselves and those around them safe, we recognise these pupils in Monday’s Marvellous Monday assembly. The nominated pupils get to sit on ‘the best seats in the house’ and are also given a small treat as a way of saying thank you for the effort they have made.


Head teacher Praise Postcards


Even though we all live in an increasingly digital world, there is still something quite reassuring about receiving a letter through the post. Once again, for those pupils who have exemplified one of the school’s Core Values, a Praise Postcard is handwritten by the Head Teacher and sent through the post addressed to the pupil.


House Tokens

House tokens are used to acknowledge excellent behaviour  that promotes  ‘The Valley Vibe’, with a focus on playtimes, lunchtimes and Breakfast/After School Club and Extra-curricular clubs. Pupils post the coloured tokens into the collection box and they are counted at the end of each half-term. The winning house is award with an ‘Own Clothes Day’.  


Annual Core Value Awards


At the end the academic year the teachers and support staff nominate one pupil per class to receive a Core Value Award, acknowledging those pupils whose conduct and attitudes truly exemplify what our Core Values mean.   One award is given for each of the five Core Values and presented in an assembly, to which parents of award winners are invited.


The 2022/23 Award Winners are listed on the table below:




Learn Together

Aim High

Be Honest

Look After What We Have


Isaac H

Nina S

Daniel C

Finlay P

Maria E


Jasmine C

Jude B

Grace L

Stanley C-M

Joshua H-G


 Mauricio Grise V

 Dominykas R

Sienne C

Beatrice B Z

Laila C


Genevieve V

Grey Lyddall-B

Savva K

Thea S

Sabrina M


Poppy C

Isabelle C

Heitor M

Shenzela I

Alexa S


Mae W

Daniel H K

Sophia P

Finley S

Chloe S


Ameerah K

Zoë L

Daniel F - R

 Maxwell H-D

Ellana C


Emir Y

Edith K

Samir D

William J

Emile K


Orla G

Ashwin F

Abdullah A

William G

Urvi B


Amelia L

Omar A

Adaugo O

Lennie H-R

Ruby P


Baylee-Marie C

Kateryna Fedenko

Zhanna Nichols

Ablie L

Alex T


Jack B

Gloria Sara Mindru

Jess Quintrell

Davis S

Eleanor C


Khadija B

Henry Tamlyn

Jacob Guevera

Beatrice D

Oliver T


Annabel Kiniorska

Fabian McPhail

Tianna Matthews

Kingsley N

Rose B


Frankie U

Anvi R

Henry C

Harvey O'H

Nicholas L