Olive Dining is a privately-owned catering company. We have a passion and a reputation built on delivering excellent standards both in service and food. Providing healthy nutritious and delicious meals is at the heart of what we do. Our ethos is focused on delivering innovative, exciting, freshly prepared menus. We offer a bespoke service dedicated to education. 

Our menu style is tailored specifically for each client, producing a nutritionally balanced lunch. Our values however are consistent throughout; we never compromise on our commitment to fresh produce. 

From September 2023, all primary-aged pupils in London are entitled to a free school meal under the Mayor of London's Universal Free School Meal scheme.

Families who receive certain benefits are encouraged to apply for Pupil Premium Free School meals for their child. Applications may be made on-line at www.bromley.gov.uk. If you prefer, you can provide your child with a packed lunch which must be brought to school in a named container.

Alternatively forms are available from the school office and Pupil Services at Bromley Civic Centre. The school admin team will provide assistance if needed.

Please do not send your child in with nuts or nut-based products as we have children in school with severe allergies.  

We encourage children to eat healthily.  They are encouraged to drink water and to bring a water bottle to school for drinks throughout the day. 

Valley Primary is pleased to inform parents that halal meat options are a daily available option, also on the days that gammon is served there will be a chicken option available for those who do not eat pork.

VPS Weekly Menus

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